pulmonale hypertonie (ph) e.v.
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Thema: cANF4-23, ein Natriuretic Peptid Clearing Rezeptor Agonist für Linksherz-PH?

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    Standard cANF4-23, ein Natriuretic Peptid Clearing Rezeptor Agonist für Linksherz-PH?

    A natriuretic peptides clearance receptor's agonist reduces pulmonary artery pressures and enhances cardiac performance in preclinical models: New hope for patients with pulmonary hypertension due to left ventricular heart failure.
    Ein Agonist (Aktivator/Verstärker) für einen Natriuretic Peptid Clearance-Rezeptor (eiN Rezeptor, der das Natriuretic Peptid aus dem Verkehr (Blut) zieht) reduziert PAP und verbessert die Herzfunktion in einem präklinischen Modell: Neue Hoffnung für Patienten mit PH wegen Linksherzinsuffizienz.

    Zitat: "We here reported, for the first time, using a pressure-loop (P-V) conductance catheter system, that a specific natriuretic peptides clearance receptors' agonist, the ring-deleted atrial natriuretic peptide analogue, cANF4-23 (cANF) reduces pulmonaryartery pressures. Strikingly, the administration of the cANF in these mice decreased the RVSP by 50% (n=5, F 25.687, DF 14, p<0.001) and heart rate (HR) by 11% (n=5, F 25.69, DF 14, p<0.001) as well as enhancing cardiac performance including left ventricular contractility in mice. Most strikingly, mice lacking NPR-C were much more susceptible to develop HF, indicating that NPR-C is a critical protective receptor in the heart.CONCLUSION:

    Natriuretic peptides clearance receptors' agonists may, therefore represent a novel and attractive therapeutic strategy for PH related to HF, and ultimately improves the life expectancy and quality for millions of people around the planet."

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    *daumen hoch* Und jetzt das Ganze ein bisschen schnell an die Frau :P



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